Sorry, no release today…but soon !

release date delayed

Hello everyone,
Well how can I say this?
Okay the game is not going out today… and we are sorry for that.
(it’s a relief to have just said that)

For the few of you who follow us you must be wondering why, right? Well because we were living in a cave theses last few weeks to finish the first version of the game and as we finished it yesterday, like late, we went out and saw that it was the autumn sale on steam…

Yeahh! Happy Thanksgiving ! Happy black friday! And happy us that were living under a rock !

So that means that if we release the game today, we would be thrown right in the abyss of steam. Yup. Just asked steam about it and they strongly recommend us to wait for the end of the sales.

So no need to tell you that we really suck at marketing. I mean it’s our weak spot and we acknowledge that. But to miss out that it was black friday….I think we can say that we are really bad at it ! (We are not proud, we must work on this issue and slay it!)

So the new release date will be on wednesday the 28th of november. And we are sorry for that little delay.
We really hope that you understand us and that you will be around that date when we will release the 1.0.0 finally 🙂

We will take this delay to hunt the last bugs and make the game more fluid. Anyway we are going to continue working on it so it’s not all sadness and such 🙂

Anyway. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and see you on the 28th of november!


– Corbak Games


Author: corbakgames

We are a team of two passionate gamers who turned #indiedev in order to make games we always wanted to play. Currently making Shinobi Bad Buddies !

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