Release the Shinobies !

Shinobi Bad Buddies is finally live!

We are so happy and proud to present you the game.

It has been a long year, we worked hard, and tirelessly to create the game as we have imagined it. And as we release it today, we will continue to enhance it and deliver a better experience for you.

We really have given a lot of love and heart to this game, and we are proud to present it to you today.

We know that we haven’t been communicating much around the game, and surely this will hurt us the most, but as you know we are here to tackle any issue the best we can

Of course we are also counting on you, to give us feedback, suggestions and hear what you have to say about it because what matters the most is the overall community that we would love to build with you.

For that we have actually created a discord server where you can join us.
So feel free to come and say hi! It would be great!

Thank you for the few of you who followed us, and thank you for supporting us by buying out our game. We hope you will enjoy it

Stay tuned !

– Corbak Games


Author: corbakgames

We are a team of two passionate gamers who turned #indiedev in order to make games we always wanted to play. Currently making Shinobi Bad Buddies !

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