Weapons update & Discord server !

Devlog #9 | v1.1.0

Hello everyone!
We hope you had a great happy new year and a good start for 2019 ! 🙂

As for us, we were hard at work focusing on bug fixing, getting back and forth with beta-testers and reducing technical debt to make the game more pleasant to play.
But as we were slaying some bugs we also made some major improvements and added some cool weapons to the game too!

2018 was a long year for both of us and Shinobi Bad Buddies was born in August 2017.
As it is our first big game we made so many mistakes and learned through all the process.
But all in all, this provided us with invaluable experience that will help us to make better things in the future 🙂

It is time to think about the future and that’s why we are proud to deliver this update and start to focus on new things !
We are not letting down Shinobi Bad Buddies and will continue to be close to the community and improve things. But we are going to allocate more time for new things, 2019 will be exciting!

Also, thank you very much to anybody who got the game, it really helps us. And thank you very much also to the beta-testers who helped us to make the game more pleasant and more enjoyable 🙂 (you are in the credits)

We made a discord server for the game, feel free to join in and say hi, talk with us, report bugs if you are someone who got the game and let’s have fun !

*UPDATE 1.1.0*


We are aware that the current HUD wasn’t displaying information in a more clear state. That’s why we reworked it in order to make it more easier to read what you had and what’s happening inside it.

New mission menu

We decided to rework the menu design in order to make it clearer. We had to do this as we have reworked the collectible unlocking process to add more hats, the new weapons and things that we might add in future updates. So each mission unlock a new hat and upon finishing a row of mission it unlocks a new weapon.


Unlock new ninja weapons by playing missions!
They will be available in all game modes in the weapon chests with the icon of the weapon currently selected on it. Refilling your weapons works automatically when you pass in front of the chest and if you want to change the weapon you currently holding, just press the action button. This will change the icon and the belt indicator.
Shuriken: Base weapon. You can hold 5 max
Kunai: Faster weapon than the shuriken. You can hold 3 max
Kisaragi: Mega shuriken that is slow but cannot be deflected except by a similar weapon. You can hold 2 of them max
Katana: Allows you to dash and hit your enemies

New hats

Yes we added new hats as unlockables. You can catch a glimpse of them in the picture here.
You can unlock a new hat each time you finish a mission in the missions menu.

/!\ In this update we will reset your game to ensure the new progression system works properly.
We apologies for the inconvenience, we made sure we won’t have to do this again in future updates.


  • Improvements
    • Corrected some typos in the language available in the game
    • Reworked HUD
    • Reworked ergonomy in some menus
    • New weapon system + new visual effects
    • Improved the crosshair look
    • Improved dialog indication system
    • Improved radar in story mode
    • Improved tutorial directions
    • Reworked missions type to fit the progression
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed split screen preferences in the option menu
    • Fixed bug with levitating red lamps
    • Fixed many clipping issues
    • Fixed winner order in multiplayer modes
    • Fixed loading screen interaction
    • Fixed sound crash with sounds slider in the option menu
  • Known Bugs
    • AI lacks some animation states in co-op mode
    • Seppuku(suicide) and precision stats with the katana weapons are false
    • AI that were slapped can still fire weapons during falling animation
    • Ferryman NPC in story mode does not reappear during the cutscene if you kill him
    • When reviving a buddy in co-op they can get through the ground if they are upside down

    Chris & Jo

    -Corbak Games


Back to work and hotfixes

Devlog #8 | v1.0.1

Hello everyone !
After the release we had many things to do 🙂
We took a little break of course for participating in the ludum dare game jam,

Now we are back to work!
We will soon update our roadmap for the future of Shinobi Bad Buddies.
Right now we continue hunting for bugs and enhance the current gameplay so here is a little patch!

Have fun!

  • Bug fixes
    • fixed mouse pointer visibility issue on some menus
    • removed unsupported french accent from texts
    • fixed some clipping issues in the backgrounds
    • fixed a bug with the hook that appeared in strange places

    Chris & Jo

    -Corbak Games

Release the Shinobies !

Shinobi Bad Buddies is finally live!

We are so happy and proud to present you the game.

It has been a long year, we worked hard, and tirelessly to create the game as we have imagined it. And as we release it today, we will continue to enhance it and deliver a better experience for you.

We really have given a lot of love and heart to this game, and we are proud to present it to you today.

We know that we haven’t been communicating much around the game, and surely this will hurt us the most, but as you know we are here to tackle any issue the best we can

Of course we are also counting on you, to give us feedback, suggestions and hear what you have to say about it because what matters the most is the overall community that we would love to build with you.

For that we have actually created a discord server where you can join us.
So feel free to come and say hi! It would be great!

Thank you for the few of you who followed us, and thank you for supporting us by buying out our game. We hope you will enjoy it

Stay tuned !

Chris & Jo – Corbak Games

Sorry, no release today…but soon !

release date delayed

Hello everyone,
Well how can I say this?
Okay the game is not going out today… and we are sorry for that.
(it’s a relief to have just said that)

For the few of you who follow us you must be wondering why, right? Well because we were living in a cave theses last few weeks to finish the first version of the game and as we finished it yesterday, like late, we went out and saw that it was the autumn sale on steam…

Yeahh! Happy Thanksgiving ! Happy black friday! And happy us that were living under a rock !

So that means that if we release the game today, we would be thrown right in the abyss of steam. Yup. Just asked steam about it and they strongly recommend us to wait for the end of the sales.

So no need to tell you that we really suck at marketing. I mean it’s our weak spot and we acknowledge that. But to miss out that it was black friday….I think we can say that we are really bad at it ! (We are not proud, we must work on this issue and slay it!)

So the new release date will be on wednesday the 28th of november. And we are sorry for that little delay.
We really hope that you understand us and that you will be around that date when we will release the 1.0.0 finally 🙂

We will take this delay to hunt the last bugs and make the game more fluid. Anyway we are going to continue working on it so it’s not all sadness and such 🙂

Anyway. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and see you on the 28th of november!


Chris & Jo – Corbak Games

23 november – Release !

Today we are happy to announce that in one month, on the 23rd of november, Shinobi Bad Buddies will go out of its early access !

It was a long year, lots of things has happened, many sushis were eaten and many bugs were beaten !
As the result of this, we implemented a little solo story to the game, made more assets, gave it more personality.

We hope that for those who bought our game, followed us during the course of the development and added it in your wishlist will be happy to know that there is just a month to wait 🙂

And we can’t wait for you to play it and give us feedback to make it better 🙂

Devlog #4 | 0.2.0 – Missions !

Devlog #3 | 0.1.1 – Bugfixes

Patching the game and en route for new features, you can play up-to 4 players in co-op now. We wanted to see if that addition would make the missions more enjoyable 🙂

Here is the whole list:


  • co-op 4 players
  • improved option menu, speed up menu navigation, and minor fixes in all menus
  • hide mouse when not used in menus
  • added possibility to set ui controls in control mapping

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed radar floating eyes bug
  • sound effect slider sound added
  • fixed menu collectible and mouse deselecting issue with gamepad navigation
  • removed enter key indication when keyboard player already used in player selection